Container Gardening So Far

Here are some of the things that are growing around the house.  🙂

rosemary, thyme, and lavender. they like dry, warm soil so they get the box and clay pots. Lucky Mediterranean things...
Her Ladyship. ...expressing disdain for the state of the grass...
the lettuce and spinach pot. I get about three personal-sized salads a week from here. 🙂
broccoli starts
tomato plants. Thank you, Waste Management, for the convenient drainage holes in the bottom of your containers.
Will's cucumber starts. They're outside now. 🙂
cilantro starts
cilantro, sweet basil, and lavender in a basket hung up on the fence. The coconut liner in the basket in super for drainage...which means lots of watering, but still...
The Husband planted some tulip bulbs a while back. This flower is my favorite so far...


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