Inspired Braised Short Ribs

chili powder

Before you read any further, you should know that I got the idea for this from Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. (Please don’t sue me, P-Dub, I got much luv fa’ ye.)

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, because, quite frankly, once I saw the first two ingredients, I got excited and started cooking.  The first two ingredients: pork and Dr. Pepper.  Yes.  You’re welcome.  I know.

So here’s what I tossed into a pot and cooked for 6 hours on 300F.  (Minda assures me this would take 45 minutes in a pressure cooker…perhaps someday I’ll put on Big Girl Panties and get one of those…)

(nerd alert: inspire also means to breath in, or inhale.  These ribs will make your house smell like the most awesome-est steak house on Earth and you’ll open your windows so that everyone in your ‘hood will think “wow!  that smells good!  the most awesome-est cook on Earth must live there.!” and then you can feel all good about yourself and whatnot because you were both inspired and you inspired. Get it?  Ha! I love the English language. end nerd alert here.)

Inspired Braised Short Ribs

What I threw into the pot:

two or three pounds of short ribs (they were on sale and I didn’t pay attention…sorry) with salt and pepper

three cups of Dr. Pepper (it was going flat, anyway…)

1c brown sugar

1 Tbsp each: cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, chili powder, garlic powder

1 bay leaf

1 large yellow onion, cut into large chunks

brown sugar and spices
the party crowd in the pot

That’s it.  Braise=to cook in the food’s own juices, so leave the lid on.  Once an hour, uncover and rotate some of the meat around so everyone in there gets a chance to bathe and get fabulous.  After six hours, test it with a fork.  Plate it when it’s tender enough and enjoy with mashed potatoes or salad or a tortilla or … just stand over the pot with a fork and snarf. (I recommend that last one…)

I don’t know why the Dr. Pepper works, but that won’t stop me from guessing.  🙂  It’s sweet, it’s acidic, it’s got, like, a gazillion flavors going on…I’d imagine any other dark soda you have on hand would be good, too.

meat isn't the most photogenic stuff in the world, but this is fairly good-looking grub

Note: this stuff is better after the second or third day in the fridge.  If you can, hide this away for a couple of days.  The flavors will zing and you’ll be so happy with how tender the meat is.  …plus, this will give you the chance to scrape off the fat that collects at the top, if you’re concerned about that sort of thing.

3 thoughts on “Inspired Braised Short Ribs

    1. Thank you so much! :). It makes me happy when people enjoy my posts, as I have a great deal of fun writing them.

      Cheers! and thank you again for the kind words. ❤

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