lots to report: monday

okay, so since friday’s post here’s what’s happened:

maggie makes her case for being team jacob

*my imac got dropped from the counter to the floor by my 6 year old; it works fine and has the smallest of dings in the screen…this is the 2nd time it’s been dropped from significant height, for all you “Macs are delicate” people out there. It’s also survived a move from tx to ga to nc to mo to nc. hello, i’m a mac.

*i got a new camera! the one i’ve been shooting with is an olympus e-620; i’m now the proud owner of a used olympus e-3 and 12-60mm lens! so excited! i’ll be posting about the differences between the two later this week…after i ice my hand. the e-3 is a beast with that lens. the photos in this post are all from the new camera.

maggie's dog bowl that my oldest boy made at greg's downtown

*friday was 4th friday downtown; i took the kids and one of my daughter’s school mates and we tromped and painted and rode trains and watched marionettes and i’m using a run-on sentence. and no caps. anyway, it was a lot of fun! if you’re city hosts any sort of art/local vendor opportunity downtown, i highly suggest you take part, especially if you move a lot or are new to your area; its a great way to meet locals and get a feel for the real flavor of your town.

some shoes spotted (ha! get it?!) downtown

*i hosted my very first coffee yesterday and it went really, really well! 2 of the ladies brought me flowers and the chaplain’s wife brought me a beautiful recipe binder; she’d also taken the time to write one her of recipe’s in each of the sections! the ladies brought recipes and dishes to share and one nice lady brought her new baby to pass around. 🙂 i’m blessed with a great coffee group.

*i added a new blog to my blogroll, foodierachel. i used to work with rachel a gazillion years ago, when she would (very kindly) get breakfast for me and we’d compare scars. check out her blog, there’s some super helpful (and yummy!) stuff there.

*i’ll go back to using proper punctuation and capitalization tomorrow. i got bored.


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