Zumba (or…I’m Not Dead Yet)

Today was my very first Zumba class; I was supposed to go about a month ago, but the kids were all taking turns being sick.  I didn’t know what to expect from the class, kept telling myself, “Don’t get your hopes up.  You’ve got no rhythm to speak of and no coordination whatsoever.”

But I totally rocked it!

There were lots of first-timers there and the instructor, a little powerhouse of a Brit, had enough energy for us all.  …but not the annoying kind of energy that makes you want to claw people’s eyes out.  The kind of energy that is positive and contagious and makes you want to smile until your face hurts.

Which I did.  …Am.  🙂

My friend Blair was in the class, too, and I was glad to see a familiar face.  (Who knew you could shake your groove thang like that, Blair?!  You go, girl!)

Here’s why I think Zumba is so frickin’ popular:

1) it’s a culmination of every Girl day dream: rockin’ music, a chorus line…it’s for all of us who were never cheerleaders or Cool.  It’s like being at The Club, only not drunk and not making a fool of yourself and not having to wash that icky smoke out of your hair or mascara from your eyes.  It’s the best parts of high school and boot camp and every dance you never wanted to go to but were really glad you did anyway.  It’s a chance to wear comfy clothes but feel sexy and purposeful.

2) every one feels beautiful.  I saw ladies of all shapes and sizes, smiling and sweating and having an hour that’s just for them.  The music was the beat of their youth, the one they had or the one they wish they had.  …and I have to say it: the bigger the booty, the better the shake.  🙂  Those females were gorgeous in their paces, using their God-given bodies to enjoy a drum beat.  And I was there.  And I was having fun, too.

3) no body cares when some one screws up.  The lady next to me whopped me in the shoulder several times and we just laughed and kept turning the wrong way.  The girls in the front, the ones who knew what they were doing and had the belly-dancer belts, they’d turn the wrong way every once in a while…no one cares…the beat doesn’t care, the sweat doesn’t care…our smiles didn’t care…

4) Zumba lets the Woman out. We are, by nature, sexy creatures no matter our size.  During the class the hips move in ways that probably aren’t seen much outside of the bedroom.  Our hips are wide and they are beautiful and during Zumba they get a work out.  We are, all of us, enjoying our femininity without apology, without embarrassment. We are also powerful and strong, able to do the hard work necessary to help create a village, a child, or a meal.  Zumba is hard work, but because you aren’t the only one laboring and sweating, it becomes communal and the encouragement flows freely.  It’s fun to shake what can be shaken but most days…isn’t.  :0)

If you haven’t taken a Zumba class, I highly recommend it.  It’ll be good for your cardiovascular fitness, it’ll firm up your butt, and it’ll make you smile.  I feel Good; the kind of Good that comes when you’ve sweat and worked and played and laughed and had a gallon of water but want more.  It’s …just Good.

(as a side note, I will encourage my daughter to take these classes, too.  Being my progeny, she will not naturally know what to do on a dance floor, so I figure these classes would give her the confidence and moves she needs to not be a wall-flower.)


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