Zombies in Springtime

It’s April Ghoul’s Day. I mean Idiot’s Day. I mean…sigh…Fools’ Day. Some people will be out and about pulling pranks and jokes and probably none of the will be funny. (except the one about the Army switching to an all Stetson force…that was good…)

Be advised: zombies aren’t funny. (unless they’re pouring over the side of a steep ravine an a swarm…that might warrant a chuckle…). If someone you know pretends to be a zombie, you should 1) poke them in the eye with a sharp stick and 2) beat the crap out of them for being stupid. Crying “zombie!” is not only bad form, its a good way to get shot in the face.

(why did the Cowboy get a schnauzer? Because they’re good Zombie hunters. And “long little doggies.”)

Don’t be dumb. Don’t play Zack.
Stay smart. Stay Safe. Stay non-zombie.

(PS: no she’s not pregnant, no you’re not being audited, and no there’s no ground war with Libya. …April Fools!)

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