in which you die and go to Coconut Heaven

...after the kids go to bed, I'd like to add some Malibu rum to this little gem...

Since the temperature has been above fifty degrees for more than five minutes and it’s been ten minutes since it rained, all I can think about is Summer time.  I have, much to my shame, been moisturizing with Hawaiian Tropic for two weeks now.  I can’t help it.  Don’t laugh.

Like a junkie looking for a fix, I began to stare at my cupboards, angry with their lack of imagination and tropical…ness.  The kids asked for strawberry shortcake.  We had it last week.  And the week before that.  If I see another strawberry in the next month my head will explode…

…but coconut shortcake?…

That I can do.  With gusto and verve.

“Hello, my name is Yerttle, and I love coconut.”

Coconut (et al) Shortcake

The Grub You’ll Need:

1 pt heavy whipping cream (very, very cold)

2c sugar

1 Tbsp coconut extract

1 each: diced pineapple, mango, and banana

1c non-alcoholic pina colada mix

1/2 vanilla bean, seeded

dessert cakes. cups.  cup cake. you know, those little cakes you only buy for strawberry shortcakes.  Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

What You’ll Do:

In a large bowl, combine the fruit, one cup of the sugar, the drink mix, and the vanilla bean seeds.  Stir well and set aside.

In the bowl of an electric mixer (whisk attachment), mix the whipping cream, sugar, and extract.  Whip it all up really, really well until stiff peaks form.

On a dessert cake-y, cup-y thing, pile on the fruit and top with whipped cream.

...the scent of tropical fruit and sugar is positively ethereal. ...excuse me, while I go find my floppy hat and swim suit...

…if you die from joy, can I have your stereo?  Thanks.  😀

(FYI: that cream with all the coconut and sugar in it? …it makes coffee sit up and pay attention.  I’m just sayin’.)


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