Friday People

…so I’m in the middle of creating a blog post about sports bras and I’m listening to Air1 on iTunes. They played a clip of this preacher, the kind I call “hell, fire, and damnation”: loud, probably sweaty, spitting while he talks, you get the idea. …except he said something that made a lot of sense.

He was talking about Good Friday (obviously) and “just what’s good about today?” It comes down to stuff like this (and I’m paraphrasing, so bear with me…):
it’s Friday. Jesus is on the cross, He’s dead, Pilate has washed his hands, Mary is crushed, the apostles are speechless and afraid, the Roman guards are gloating over the clothes they’ve just won on a bet. There was darkness, an earthquake. What’s good about that?

It’s good because today is Friday. …and Sunday is on it’s way.

On Sunday, angels will minister, a stone will roll away, women will weep with joy, friends will be reunited. The whole world will be saved because, as it turns out, Jesus went to hell and back for us, and now He’s Emmanuel: God with us.

I know some people aren’t Christians, are of other faiths or just don’t believe in God or the miracle of Jesus, etc. I wish they’d believe, but I’m not gonna judge them or dog them. They can be Friday People, too. Don’t wanna believe in the miracle of my God? That’s okay. Take it as a sign, a parable for the Agnostic: today may suck. Today may suck really, really badly. But you know what? Sunday’s coming for you, too.

I bought a greeting card downtown a while back, the hand made kind with the soy ink on recycled paper and all that. It says, “I’m not really brave,” she said. “It’s just that no one else can do this for me.” I think that card was written on a Friday by a Sunday person. I think that card was written for situations like Laura’s: her Friday was cancer. Chemo treatments and bone marrow biopsies and puking and fear. The awesome thing, though, is that Laura is enjoying her Sunday dawn: she’s in remission. She gets to play with her son and hang with her man and eat sushi with friends and we all get to play Rock Band. Hello, Sunday!

We can all be Sunday People. We just have to get through the Fridays first.

6 thoughts on “Friday People

  1. This is the best post I’ve read in a really long time. Thank you for writing this, your words were exactly what I needed to read. Happy Easter to you and yours!

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