My Best Friend’s 12th Anniversary

Toy and I were sisters in a past life, I just know it. The kind of sisters that share secrets, and clothes, and perfume, and brownies.

Oh, wait, we do that in this life.

So, yeah, Toy is the Sister of My Heart.

When she met her now husband, Jim, sparks flew so fast and furiously that I went to fire fighting school.
Well…I got my Fire Fighting 1&2 certificate, but that’s not really why. 😉 (I did my Duty as The Best Friend and ran interference as best as I could…that lasted about a week and then all bets were off and Jim and Toy were It and Done.)

Anyway, Toy and Jim were magical from the beginning. Twelve years later, there is no magic. There are things that are better than magic: their love of God, their wonderful children, the home they built together with their own hands, and the life they lead together every single day. Magic is fleeting and for fairy tales. Real life is gritty and way, way better. Jim and Toy are Real Life. Real Love. Real…well, just Real.

Thank you, Toy, for letting me stand up with you 12 years ago. Thank you, Jim, for accepting me as your little sister (and package deal with Toy). Thank you, both, for showing this weary world just how Real and Wonderful life can be. Happy Anniversary, guys.

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