Road Trips Are Good For…

…making me pull over to do my postaday2011.

…appreciating how small my bladder is.

…illustrating the political views, religious preference, and sexual orientation of complete strangers through their copious use of bumper stickers.

…planning my upcoming training.

…making the hind-ends of my children flat.

…enjoying the calming effects that 5 shots of espresso can have on the brain. And bladder.

…listening to all the Flogging Molly, Florence and the Machine, Adelle, Franz Ferdinand, The Black Keys, and Hank Williams I have on my iPhone.

…eating Slim Jims.

…burping contests.

…contemplating bicycle/roller blading/horses as viable modes of transportation due to the $65 tank of gas I just paid for.

…thinking about the awesome friends I just left and the wonderful husband I’m headed home for.

…listening to just how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. (437. In case you were wondering.)



3 thoughts on “Road Trips Are Good For…

  1. I can’t figure out what’s cooler, your kitchen utencil collection or your taste in music. You are a super swell gal! I am thinking the bike would be the best option, no scrapes from falling and no smelly horse poo. Have a great night with your hubby!

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