Coffee with my Coffee

I have this issue…

I love coffee and I lust after Starbucks.

This can be an expensive habit.

I’m totally in rehab, though, really, you gotta believe me, I’m getting bett-

No, I’m not.

But, I have found a couple of ways to cut the expense when I start jones-ing for a mocha-java-chino-frap-thing.

Rule number one: Don’t waste coffee.  If there is ever any left over (ha!) I make coffee cubes.  This way, when they melt, I don’t get annoying stuff in my coffee.  Like extra water.

silicone ice cube trays are an awesome invention; somebody send Al Gore a thank you card.

Rule number two: be a copy cat.  This iced stuff is nice, but you can do this if you have a bean grinder of your own.  Set the grinder to “espresso” setting, add a tablespoon of sugar with the recommended level of coffee and whir away.  The espresso grind is super-fine and will blend easily with water, while the sugar gets a healthy chopping, too.  2 Tablespoons of this mixture with a large glass of tepid water should mix nicely for you.

Rule number three: continue to copy cat.  Haunt your grocery store’s baking isle for the flavored extracts.  Mint, coconut(!), almond, orange, you name it.  Half a teaspoon of your favorite flavor will make your coffee sit up and call you “barista”.  This also allows you to control how much/what kind of sweetener you add.

Rule number four: if at all possible, buy holy coffee.  The Mystic Monks make the most rock-awesomest coffee.  They buy fair-trade and all their proceeds go for, you know, monk stuff.

Rule number five: make the coffee at home before you leave the house and take it with you.  TJMaxx has this type of cup for 5 quid.  You can hang with any cup-snob-crowd.  You go on with your bad self.

the insulated stadium cup: sippy cup for adults

What follows are just photos of iced coffee cubes because I think they’re pretty. …in a legal addictive stimulant sort of way…


6 thoughts on “Coffee with my Coffee

  1. Great tip regarding the extracts, I’ll be trying it in the morning. Almond in hazelnut coffee? Oohh, am I daring or nuts? Is the French press hard to use? I want one but it seems complicated and time consuming. Do tell!

    1. Complicated….nah! ;). Time consuming…well…you won’t get coffee in an emergency.

      For me, what I perceive to take the longest, is the heating the water part of the operation.
      1) start to heat water. I use a kettle on the stove top.
      2) while water is heating, pour requisite coffee grounds into the glass carraf.
      3) once water is just barely simmering (not boiling…tiny bubbles), pour the hot water over the grounds to the fill line.
      4) place the plunger/top over the carraf. Do not plunge yet.
      5) steep time is personal preference. For me, three minutes is fine. For some, they require 5 minutes.
      6) force the plunger down. This pushes all the grounds to the bottom, sifting as it goes.
      7) its ready to serve.

      It sounds like a lot, but I timed it (nerd alert!) and it takes the same amount of time as my regular coffee pot, from water heating to serving. I think the coffee tastes better this way; I can see the essential oils from the coffee grounds swirling around. :). TJMaxx has them for about $15. If you don’t like it for coffee, you can use it to steep herbs for soups, tea, or use it to make a tiny batch of curds and whey. (that last one was a joke. Sort of.).

      Give it a try. It’ll make you feel so…coffee-snobbish-barista-relaxed/bohemian-cultured. ;). …that may just be me and my neuroses, come to think of it.
      Cheers, girlie!

      1. Oh, yeah, and if you decide to use the extracts, add a tsp to the carraf with the hot water. This will infuse the flavor to the whole batch and smell super-good. 🙂

  2. You are the best for the instructions, I might get one, it would look pretty on my counter and take up less space, too! I’ll put away my monster sized coffee machine and save it for a big party 🙂 I forgot to add the almond extract on my first brew so I’m glad you shared the last tip. I’ll be making another pot soon. I love my java haha! I’ll let you know how it goes and might use the “buy a French press” to replace one of the icky huz resolutions 🙂 yay!

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