An Open Letter: Military Spouse Appreciation Day

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Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. For many, it will feel like any other day: kids, work, laundry, etc. There will be no parades, no flowers, no banners or bands. I want you all to know, however, that every single day you are appreciated.

The fighting forces carry within it’s ranks a massive number of married warriors. Those personnel would be ineffective at best if they did not believe, wholeheartedly, that their spouse had as much of a warrior’s heart as they do. The military spouse keeps the Army rolling, we keep the home fires burning, the kids fed and schooled and balanced. We keep the bills paid, our friends cared for, and our families informed.

We are “House Hold 6” and we take care of business.

The military has recognized that while they may not have “issued” a family to their ranks, the ranks have “issued” a family to the military. The Army Family Covenant is no joke and it is not taken lightly. Please know that all spouses are valued, cherished members of this Army Family. Your soldier may not tell you “thanks for doing laundry”, “thanks for the meals”, or even anything at all…but from this Army Spouse to all of you: thank you for taking care of my soldier’s buddies. We take care of somebody’s Battle Buddy, and that makes us all heroes in our right.
There is no higher honor than loving and being loved by an American Soldier.

The only medals we wear are our wedding bands. Our uniforms are often stained with the tears and crayons of our children. We wear no rank. We are priceless.

I salute all of you.


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