Fair Trade



So…today I discovered 12 little baby green tomatoes!

I also discovered that I’ve forgotten the code to my super-dear bike lock for my Betty of a bike.

…I’ll give you a dozen ‘maters for a 4 digit combo…

…and in other news, I’ve lost five pounds as well as my patience and ability to withstand the glaring presence of Hershey bars with almonds. Somebody hand me some nachos and a SlimFast. STAT.


3 thoughts on “Fair Trade

    1. The problem is not that I can’t get to the bike. The problem is that I can’t open the lock in order to open, wrap, and secure the chain around the bike. …and the last time I saw bolt cutters, they were on their way to the ER to be used on a man’s, um, self that had “miraculously” been stuck inside a choke-chain. …bolt cutters are scary… 😉

  1. Bolt cutters are not scary use to have a pair. Now congrats on the five Lbs that’s awesome! Oh eat the candybar and just shake it a little harder at Zumba.

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