When you’re a military family, you start to identify things, people, events with duty stations. You’ll hear things like, “John is our Ft. Campbell baby and Tiffany came along after OIF II. Next R&R we’ll try for another…we’re hoping for Ft. Lewis.” Also, “The reading programs at Hood are nice, but the sports programs at Riley are awesome!” …and so it goes… What you’re never sure of is whether or not the family is referring to where the child was conceived or where the child was born.

Feel free to ask which, but be prepared to blush, because it’s been my experience that you’ll find out.

Our oldest is our “PA baby”= Pre Army.  Next is our “EFMB, Ft. Campbell” kid.  The youngest is our “Ft. Sam” baby.  Her ladyship is our “OIF/look what I got while you were deployed” dog.  …it happens.  🙂

This bike is my Ft. Benning bike, Betty. 🙂 (onomatopoeia much?) In Columbus, Georgia, there’s a bike shop called Ride On Bikes downtown. If you’re in their ‘hood, you should stop in. If you get stationed there, you should stop in and drop some cash on a bike because they’ll treat you nice and won’t lie. (and no, they aren’t paying me for this.)  This morning I snuck some snaps (there I go again) to try out a setting or two on my camera; these are the results.  …think of it as Bike Porn  a study in still life.  (Beth, this one’s for you, my fellow bike nerd.)  Also, if you are into bikes, you should check out BitchCakes; she’s got a weight-loss blog and her way-cool bike is featured heavily…she’s fairly famous in certain circles…and I have mad ink-envy.  😉

...because flowers belong on my bike, that's why...
front fender

a basket...the better to go a-hunting and a-gathering with...

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5 thoughts on “Betty of a Bike

  1. This may be the most glorious bike I’ve ever laid my eyes on! What a lucky girl you are! I hope you enjoy her through many years and miles!

    1. :). Thanks. :). When we PCS’d from Benning, I told the movers, “you can lose my couch and sell my dishes, but if something happens to my bike, I’ll hunt you down.”. …they were good movers…

  2. It says thanks for your support and new activities coming soon when you click the red cross widget…

  3. Haha glad you had good movers! Another blogger and I have come to te conclusion that when SocialVibe switches sponcers it gives that message. It should be fixed in a few hours 😦

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