Thinking Day

Yesterday, a severe storm ripped through Joplin, Missouri. The number of fatalities is rising, with houses leveled, a nursing home in ruins, and their hospital severely damaged. I’m from a little town just up the road, so last night I made lots of phone calls to check on family. Thankfully, everyone I called was alright…except I’m told a barn cat may have clawed one of my Mom’s horses near to ribbons, but I don’t know that we can blame even a tornado for that. …the cat is NUTS on a good day…

Anyway, please visit the Red Cross and make a donation for Joplin’s hurting population. Its a smallish community on one of my favorite highways: I-44W. …I like to head west… (check out Laura’s blog for some photos she took).

My daughter is a Brownie Girl Scout, preparing to bridge over to Junior Girl Scout. While sewing on her World Thinking Day patch, Joplin came to mind…and how it is important to understand the world, yes…but loving those closest to you, showing kindness to a fellow American can go a very long way toward making the world a better place, too.

Here’s to lending a helping hand…



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