Here are a few green things around the house, all in my containers. There are some things not pictured, like my lettuce and some herbs. I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! …and don’t forget to make a donation to Red Cross…they’re helping out in Joplin, Missouri.

lavender...grind some of this up with your large-grained, organic sugar and sprinkle over cookies or scones. yumm-o!
thyme flowers...I didn't realize thyme had flowers, but apparently, it happens in the SpringThyme. ha! get it?! "A-hahaha! Frenchy, you're so funny!" "LT Steve! You're so funny, too!"...I love a good polka as much as the next man.


2 thoughts on “Green Stuff

    1. :). Thanks. When I saw the flowers, I squealed and said, “look! It flowered!” and my daughter said, “well. It’s a plant, mom. Not a puppy.”. …she’s so smart. 😉

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