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Sometimes postaday2011 gets difficult.  I started this blog a long time ago, it seems, just to have someplace to ramble and rant and have some intellectual exchange.  Sometimes it’s fun…sometimes, this goal of blogging every single day feels like a monumentally stupid idea.  (…like those tribal tattoos I’ve seen on The Red Carpet.  Seriously?…if you can afford a diamond pooper-scooper for your squirrel dog, invest in a good cosmetic surgeon.)

Anyway, all my creative brain cells are busy trying to make my imaginary friends play  nicely together in Word.  I like to write and I’m amazed that, once upon a time, people had to write stories with archaic and fabulous instruments (I think they’re called “ink pens” or even “pencils”) which don’t let the images flow nearly as quickly as a keyboard.  I trip over myself trying to keep up with the battles and emotions my characters are experiencing.  Fingers/keyboards aren’t fast enough. I often long for that machine in “TommyKnockers”. …the book, not the movie…alien technology that allows an author’s ideas to pop out of a printer without the annoyance of having to actually use fingers for writing…a “thought printer”(…Stephen King may be a hapless hippy, but the man can write when he wants to.)  A quill and ink set must’ve been positively painful.  …or perhaps that’s why there were so many “classics” written the old fashioned way: they had to choose their words with such care, forethought, and expense.  Vellum and parchment were too pricey for drivel and dribbles.

The Food Thing is going pretty good, on this, day 3 of my Grand Weight Watchers Adventure.  Tonight we’re going to cook out on the grill and I’ll get to eat all the veggies I want, all the (marinated! garlic!) chicken I can hold.  After all that, I’ll still have enough points for strawberry shortcake (yes, with real whipped cream) for dessert; that’s without dipping into my weekly points.  Maybe I’ll have two helpings of dessert. …I have to spend those extra 49 weekly points somewhere…might as well spend them on strawberry shortcake.  🙂

Last week, I covered only 6 miles, but this week the goal is 8-10 on foot, 10 on the bike.  …and my sitter was telling me that she does The Insanity Workout and loves it.  We have that in the house, as that was one of Hubby’s birthday gifts. (the punk can do p90x with his eyes closed now…and he’s got the rock-awesome body to prove it…)  I may see if I can find a friendly neighbor to do that with me.  😉

…I guess that’s it.  I’m off to pillard some chicken and cube some bell peppers.  Happy Sunday, Gentle Reader!

...one step at a time...and in cool shoes, too.




4 thoughts on “Enter Title Here

  1. I have to make chicken something for dinner. No grill, as I’ve yet to learn how to light it, or veggies as I have yet to go to the market. Strawberry shortcake sounds divine, enjoy!

  2. Might I suggest a trip to Barcelona for photo ops to spark the creative juices? (with me in tow, of course). But we’d need to check on WW points for vino.

  3. I make sure that when I dip into my weekly points it’s for something truly enjoyable, not just crap. Strawberry shortcake would definitely make the cut. Yum! Sounds fantastic.

    A note about the writing portion of this blog. I often wonder what people a hundred years from now will think of our novels and great writers. I think about all of the novels written during the industrial revolution, the great depression, numberous wars, etc., and I think of the depth of their writing due to their personal circumstances. I wonder if the technology we have today and the lifestyle we have grown accustomed is reflected in today’s literature? If so, has it caused the expecations for modern literature to be lowered?

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