I don’t really know what to write about today, and thought seriously about not writing at all.  I mean, how much drivel can one person spew into the Blog-verse?

a lot, apparently, because here I am again…

Taking a cue from Dacia, here are some things I’m grateful for:

my husband, because he loves me and puts up with a fair amount of Crazy; also, he buys me stuff and is super hot

my kids, because they’re mine and they bring me joy.  …when they aren’t fighting or trying to ride the dog…

my friends, because they Get me and tell me the truth

my family, because they show me that Crazy can be fairly Normal when it chooses to be

my dog, because she Gets me and cuddles with me when I’m grouchy and no one else will come near me

my stuff: camera, bike, kitchen toys, etc…

Random Thoughts for Today:

The Battle for Bella Wood was a month long; Army and Marine Corps fought side by side and were commanded by an Army general

I can’t find touch up paint to match my bike

I like to spend extra Weight Watchers points on chocolate milk

You’re supposed to put baby powder inside your swim cap when you take it off

My pinky toes are really quite funny looking, but so are yours, so don’t judge

When playing “words with friends”, the word shit is accepted, but Jew is not

My dad looks like Tom Selleck

Happy Thursday.

So there.


3 thoughts on “I have no idea

  1. This is the best post ever. I am so glad you wrote it today because your random thoughts were the highlight of my shit-filled workday! So thank you! You totally kick ass!

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