my 1st weight watchers meeting

Last week I started Weight Watchers (WW).  I followed the plan that was recommended for me on-line, stayed within my points everyday/week, and even lost a pound according to my bathroom scale.  This stuff seems to work!

Then I went to a meeting today and used their scales.

There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. …in my head…I hope…

I’m not going to tell you my weight because, quite frankly, its stupid to worry about it and I’m trying not to obsess.  Anyway, its less than some, more than others, and its affecting my running, so I want about 25 pounds gone.  According to my bathroom scale, I only have 24 more to go.  According to the super-nice, very sweet and lovely woman at the WW meeting, I actually need to lose 33 or more pounds.

For the first time in my life, I like my bathroom scale.

Anyway, the meeting wasn’t as chipper, perky, annoying bad as I thought it was going to be.  There were about 10 ladies there, most of them older than me (I went during the day, as that’s when I had child care) and all of them in varying stages of meeting their weight loss goals.  The speaker was a tiny bird-woman with the longest neck/poofiest hair I’ve ever seen on a human and her voice was like Paula Dean.  Everyone was “honey” and “sugar” and “sweety”…which is ironic, because it was, as I’ve mentioned, a WW meeting.  …perhaps she should start calling people “celery” and “truvia” and “boka burger”.

I’ve reset my WW profile to show that this, today, right now, is week #1 and I entered the Lying/Evil/Troll scale’s weight as my beginning weight.  I don’t have the requisite math skills to convert and figure between my scale and theirs.  I’m paying for theirs, I might as well use theirs.  Next time, I’ll go pee first, take off my shoes, exhale, and take off my wedding ring.  …that ought to help with the weigh-in.

The meeting was nice and I can see where going once a week and building relationships will be helpful.  I’ll go back next week, if only to show that fecking scale that I really don’t care what it says.  Really.  I could care. Less.  Yep.  This is me: not caring.


The topic of the meeting was “bravo moments” and people around us who lend us support, encouragement, and love.  So, since I seem to be “in the program” (when do I get my newcomer’s coin?), here are some people I’d like to give a Bravo! to: my husband, my kids, my friend Toy, my friend Dacia, my friend Ginger, Ramona the Sitter, and anybody who’s ever been nice to me, especially if I didn’t deserve it. (you know who you are.  thank you.)

So: here’s to eating whatever I want in moderation and exercising a little every day.

…and here’s also to realizing that my favorite Starbucks beverage is only 5 points!  yay!

these aren't the pounds we're looking for

13 thoughts on “my 1st weight watchers meeting

  1. You did it! I am so proud of you. The worst is over. My first meeting I expected it to be like AA or something where we go around the room and tell our stories- it’s so not like that. It took time but I adapted to the format, and the evil scales, and now I use each meeting as a chance to learn something new. Yeah, it’s not perfect but it’s keeping me in check and that is a pretty amazing thing! Good luck to you!

    Oh, and go to your regular computer (i don’t think you can do this from the WW app) and figure out how to get to your profile. Accept my friend request, and I will send you your ‘newcomer’s coin’
    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I love the “bird lady” comment… 🙂 You can do this!!! I too am using a point system, but not going to those meetings. And doing my best to stay active outside even in this horrid heat, hey I figure that all that sweating will help shed something. 🙂

    1. She totally was a bird-lady. Apparently, she used to be big, but now…seriously…she’s somewhere between a hairless cat and Ancient Prom Queen.
      I know what you mean about the heat. My husband is in medicine and he treated a heat casualty yesterday with an internal body temp of 108+. Humidity makes it so bloody hard to cool off…
      Good luck with the shedding!

  3. Nice! I love/hate the scale too, but thankfully don’t use anyone else’s but mine. I always weigh first thing in the morning after I go to the bathroom, before I get in the shower so that I have the best. possible. weight. It shouldn’t be that big a deal, right? But yeah, it is.

    Good luck with WW!

  4. Awwww Yerttle I’m so proud of you! You are the bomb! I wish you were here so we could do it together. I know we can do it! I understand about evil evil scales; I decided to judge my progress on how I feel and what I can do now compare to a month or two ago. Love ya babe.

  5. Yay! I’m so glad to have another friend in the program, it will really change your life! I am going to my meeting tomorrow, you and Dacia make me feel so out of the loop! Don’t worry about the scale, soon enough you are going to loooove it, that and fruit, vegetables, fiber and fat free everything 😉 congrats again and welcome to weight watchers!

    1. I didn’t realize you were doing WW, too. 🙂 Sweet! If you want to be ‘friends’ in the WW system, I’m RoxyGirl35. 🙂
      For dinner tonight, I grilled out veggies, steaks (cheap, thin ones, but meat!), and chicken. I love that I can eat veggies until I pop. 🙂

      1. Yup, I’ve been a lifetime member for quite a while 🙂 I never did an online account but always flipped through the forums. Maybe I’ll set up an account, not sure, but if I do I will find you 🙂

  6. Oh Weight Watchers… The first time I did it, I kicked butt. The second time wasn’t as great (but I wasn’t nearly as motivated, to be fair). I told my fiancée that I fully intend on rejoining and kicking butt again once I get home. Good luck! It does work.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂 it’s not been at all as difficult as I’d imagined…those extra points help a bunch!


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