I know some fairly crafty people.  Check out Rachel and Samantha‘s blogs for some DIY laundry soaps.  🙂  (also, Samantha has a recipe for home-made sugar scrub.  Awesome!!)

BAB: big ass bucket; when full of the laundry mixture, this sits on my dryer, along with a long-handled spoon, a measuring cup, and 439 Lego men.

All you’ll get from me, is a couple of photos and pointers on how not to screw up like I did the first five times I made this.  The recipes can be obtained from Rachel and Samantha’s blogs; while you’re visiting them, you should cruise around.  Those ladies are talented!

Ivory soap shavings. Be sure to grate your soap (its ridiculously easy). If you just drop the bar of soap in the hot water, you will be waiting a very long, long, long, long, long time for it to dissolve enough.

I’ve used both recipes and they both work.  Lately, I’ve been using Rachel‘s recipe, only because it calls for lots of baking soda and I’ve been running/sweating/stinking up a lot of clothes.  So far, my kids have not dirtied up clothes so badly that these recipes didn’t work (yes, even poopy little boy underwear).  They are both gentle enough to use on “unmentionables” -bras and panties and stockings.  When washing whites, I use hot water and 1/2c bleach, along with 1c of the laundry mixture.  When washing the stuff that Hubby brings home from the field (ick!) I use 2c of the laundry soap instead of the recommended one.  Everything comes out great.  (I don’t know, but I’d imagine that even those with sensitive skin could use these, since the harshest thing in it is Ivory or Naptha soap.)

wait until the water on the stove top is already simmering, then turn off the stove, THEN add the soap to dissolve. Ask me about cooking soap...its nasty...

I ordered the supplies from Amazon and I really don’t think I will ever go back to buying laundry soap again. My BAB lasts for about 3 weeks worth of laundry, depending on Hubby’s Field activities and how many millions of times my kids change clothes. (why do they do that?  honestly!…)


Also, it occurs to me that I should tell you about my washer.  Its a top-loader, almost 11 years old.  For those of you with fancy efficiency washers, well…I don’t know what to tell you…

while the soap is dissolving, add the borax and washing powder to the bucket, along with about half the recommended hot water. Stir this well. Then add the soap/water from the stove, then add the rest of the water, and save the baking soda for last. The mixture will be chunky. You'll have to stir it. This is not painful and you should not whine, because you are only spending about $1 on a 10gallon bucket of soap. Suck it up, Buttercup, and stir.

Thank you, Rachel and Samantha, for being so wonderfully smart!


5 thoughts on “HomeMade Laundry Soap

    1. 🙂 thanks. …honestly, though, you’d think Lego Han Solo, Lego Obi Wan, and Lego Darth Vader would be gentlemen and at least fold laundry once in a while. Or empty the lint trap.

      Lazy blighters.

  1. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for posting this as I never would have thought I could make my own laundry detergent. How cool!

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