High School Pool

It occurs to me that the community pool is the Great Equilizer. No one can hide, not really. There are bikinis and shorts and tank-inis and mu-mu’s and cover-ups…but it’s really just that old high school nightmare come to life.

Naked. A room full of your peers. Glaring lights. You enter, and all eyes turn, assessing…judging. Panic.

…and then you realize that they are naked, too. They size you up because they are afraid. You pose as much a “threat” to them as they do to you. Everyone is a peacock, even those hiding behind umbrellas and over-sized t-shirts.

It’s really not about you. It’s about them. Us. Me. Everyone just wants to feel okay enough to have some sun.

And, thankfully, the sun shines the same on me as it does on that SuperModel over there. 🙂



5 thoughts on “High School Pool

  1. I love this! We were just talking about going to a water park this summer, and I really was not looking forward to going. 1) because I would spend most of the day with our 4 year old in the kiddie pee pool while everyone else got to go on the fun stuff and 2) Not looking forward to being in a bathing suit in front of strangers (god forbid) – thank you for giving me a different perspective. 🙂

  2. I am starting to realize that most women feel self-conscious about their bodies, even skinny ones. I wish we were all a little more accepting of ourselves and easier on how we judge others- maybe then the community pool wouldn’t be so stressful.

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