(life and) Death from Above

(holiday = Holy Day. This is indeed a holy day in American history)

I don’t care about your politics. I give less than two shakes about your party line, your hawkish or pinkish or whatever point of view. Today, we all need to shut the hell up and just be grateful to be alive.

June 6 is the anniversary of D-Day. Yesterday was the anniversary of the day before D-Day. A day when tens of thousands of paratroopers dropped in behind enemy lines and began the long battles that would eventually squash Hitler’s forces.

So…yesterday…today…did you express yourself freely? Did you pray (or not)? Ladies, did you work or send your kids to the school of your choosing? Have you ever, in your life, made friends with or even married someone who has different skin than yourself? Yeah?…

Then today, THIS day, you’d better go find a veteran and show them some fecking gratitude.

I have no idea what it’s like to be shot at or to shoot someone else. I’ve never hung above the earth at 800 feet, ground silently rushing toward me, hoping to not land in a tree as the enemy hunted me. The beach is nothing but a nice place to be…no mines, no machine guns.

No rivers of blood.

Be grateful to them. Love them. Listen to them. Their cracking and wavering voices will soon be gone. We are torch bearers, every one of us. The least we can do is pay attention to how the job is done properly.


(this is an official photo and can be viewed on the US Army’s Flickr stream.)

5 thoughts on “(life and) Death from Above

  1. It will be a sad day when they are gone and no one is left to tell their stories. Paul’s grandfather was on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, well technically he was on a boat pulling bodies out of the water, but never wanted to talk about his experiences. He is gone now. We loved him so much but it still probably wasn’t as much love as what he deserved. Thank you for this post.

  2. One of my great uncles fought at Omaha Beach. He was given a purple heart for that day. I could sit and listen to him talk about that day for hours (and have). Great post.

    1. Thank you. 🙂 I used to interview WWII veterans; they’d tell their stories and then we’d both cry and hug. Those old men were like magic. Magic and some kind of tough stuff that I don’t have a word for yet.


      1. Yes they are magic. There is something so amazingly special about them. I wish we could mass produce that old man essence and sprinkle it all over the world. Just think what a great place we would live in then. 🙂 What an awesome thing for you to have done!

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