I found this little nursery of spider eggs in my garage.  Right next to the fertilizer for my tomatoes.

I’ve had the heebee-jeebies ever since.

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6 thoughts on “Photo Assignment of the Week: Numbers

  1. Ewwww…I hate bugs and baby bug spawn and walking through spiderwebs and all of their little legs. Now I have the heeebe-jeebies. Thanks! 😉

    The picture is cool though. Too bad it makes me slightly paranoid that there is a colony of spider babies living under my desk getting ready to hatch and climb all over me.

  2. Gross. Now I itch all over. Thanks…lol. I have a severe phobia of spiders. And that little nest would have gotten a douse of flammable liquid followed by the flick of a bic. 🙂 (of course I would not be brave enough or cruel enough to do this, but the big man would)

    1. Two words: Crop. In. 🙂

      Freakish little bastards. I washed my hair twice in one day, just to get the Creeps out. I feel very, very brave…even three feet away.

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