This morning I went to a WW meeting/weigh in after Zumba.  Guess what?!  I lost 2.6 pounds this week!  This meeting had a lot more people than the last one I went to, which was nice, but Bird Lady wasn’t there.  😦  Bummer.  I like Bird Lady.

...she blushes...

I came home with the intent of showering and eating a sandwich before I had to pick up #3.  I was going to watch a documentary on Netflix, light a candle, sip some water with my feet up…

Maggie got sick in her kennel and fixed all that for me.

I knew when I opened the door, there was something amiss.  It was storming, so I kept her kenneled while I was gone; I’m so, so, so, so, so glad I put her in her kennel instead of leaving her to roam the house.  She had been ill out both ends of her digestive tract.  I won’t go into nasty details because, quite frankly, its nasty.  However, I did discover something very…uh…peculiar about my dog.

Judging by the heights at which I was scrubbing canine fecal matter off my walls, Her Ladyship Maggie Moo likes to stand on her head whilst expelling the contents of her bowels.  I’m serious.  There was Maggie Moo Poo splattered up over my head.

I don’t know whether to be thoroughly disgusted or impressed…

No.  I’m disgusted.  In an impressive sort of way.


5 thoughts on “Her Ladyship’s Mad Skill

  1. Sorry to like your disturbing morning events but it was funny to read. Congrats on the weight loss, that is fantastic!! You might want to look into a talented dog contest, I’m sure there are tons of reality shows on animal planets that are lacking just that trick!

    1. It was pretty funny. Except for the sick dog. And the smell. And the mess…above eye level. But, yeah, if it happened to somebody else, I’d point and laugh. (like when somebody falls down. “Are you okay??! Yeah? Hahahajahahahaha! You looked so stupid with your neck all bent like that!”) 🙂

  2. Congrats again on your loss this week! Amazing!

    Poor Maggie, hope she is settled now. She must have been freaking out. You must have freaked when you saw crap everywhere.

    You should call here Maggie Moo, flinger of poo 😉

    1. That sounds like a cartoon in the making; and a song, similar to Speed Racer…

      “There she goes, throwing with her toes,
      She can stink you, wherever you goes.
      No hiding, you!
      It’s Maggie! Flinger of Poo!”

  3. Oh and I was so looking forward to another bird lady story. 😦
    Last summer our oldest pup had a diarrhea explosion. I can relate. And it was beyond any poo incident I had ever witnessed in my life, or ever want to again. Shitsplosion.

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