The Versatile Blogger Award

My good blogging buddy, Ginger, blessed me with this little award. 🙂 Ginger’s blog is marvelous, full of wonderful photography, recipes that make you want to jump into her kitchen, and honest, heartfelt commentary on her life. If you’re looking for a blog to follow that will make you laugh, cry, and crave good food, subscribe to her blog.

This little badge is sort of a blogging chain letter…it can only be accepted by passing it along and then sharing a bit about yourself. So! I’m passing it along to 7 other blogs that I love; however, these aren’t the only blogs that I love, so I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. …funny how feelings can get so wrapped up so quickly in blogs…

Laura’s blog, Winstead Remission, is Laura’s journey through dealing with Leukemia. Yes, she’s my sister-in-law, yes, I love her, but no, I don’t have to like her blog, but I do. And so will you.

The Confounded Cook: this blog brings me joy. 🙂 Recipes, photos, anecdotes about local flair and flavors…Seriously, a good read.

My kids’ Godfather, Jim L., started his blog, Rock Farm Knives because I pestered him into it. I’m so glad he’s a sucker for a pouty face; he writes about his running (barefoot!) and his knife making (awesome!) and his guns (lots!)

The Crafty Budget belongs to Samantha; she’s a photographer, a mom, and an all-around creative chick. Check out her blog for all sorts of do-it-yourself goodness.

The Reluctant Weight Watchers Foodie is a fabulous resource/forum/blog for those of us who are in the WW program, as well as anyone who’s looking for tasty and healthy recipes.

FoodieRachel belongs to a work buddy of mine from days gone by. Rachel blogs about life with kids, yummy recipes, and sustainable/green practices that are good for everyone. Her sense of humor is awesome!

Gipsy World, Spice Cafe is a one-stop blog for all things food and spice. If you have ever wondered how to use a strange spice that you’ve stumbled upon in the grocery store, or you’re looking for a new spice and don’t know where to start, this is the place. 🙂

…and now I’m supposed to tell you all 7 things that you “may not know” about me…
Uh. Well…uh…

1) my favorite book is “The Shell Seekers” by Rosamund Pilcher. Its a love story set in WWII and “modern” times (well…it was written in the 1980’s, so, you know…) I read it once a year and every time, I cry, and its like coming home again. My least favorite book would be “The Feast of All Saints” by Anne Rice, although “The Lovely Bones” was fairly horrible, too.

2) i love movies. all movies, even bad ones. I especially like “scary” movies like “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, but I didn’t think it was scary. My favorite movie buddy is my friend Toy, although it makes me positively giddy when my husband agrees to go to the movies with me. My favorite movie of all time is “Gone with the Wind”. or “You’ve Got Mail”. or “Underworld”. or “The Green Berets”. or the A&E version of “Pride & Prejudice”. or “Shaun of the Dead”. or “Boondock Saints”. or…

3)I’ve written short stories since I was about 12 and I keep writing some of them over and over again with different details and added characters and they haunt me and some day they will be published and I’ve started a private blog that only my closest friends can see and in that blog are some beginnings of those stories and this is a run-on sentence and I’m not really holding my breath.

4) several people tried to convince my mother to have an abortion when she got pregnant with me at the age of 15. (she got pregnant at 15, not me.) Because of this, I am vehemently pro-life and hold minor grudges against those that wanted me flushed down the toilet. I send my mother flowers on my birthday every year as a way of thanking her for toughing it out for me. I am grateful for my life.

5) I have certificates in Firefighting, levels 1 & 2. While in FF school, my boots kept coming off because my feet are so small (size 5 1/2); after the flashover exercise, I had to apply silvadine cream to both soles because of the singes. I was the only girl in my class and the only one chosen to lead the “propane tank” team…because I was the bossiest.

6) I have severe claustrophobia and have been known to flip out, even on my kids, for boxing me into a corner or closing the wrong door. …also, in reference to #2: submarine movies make me hold my breath and that scary cave movie that Toy made me watch last summer gave me nightmares for weeks.

7) some jobs I’ve had: making t-shirts to sell at swap meets, staffing nursing floors in a hospital, assisting with autopsies, working the dolphin exhibit at The Mirage.

(Jim and Toy and Jim: no fair gloating because you guys already knew all this stuff.)

If you’ve been given the versatile blogger award, in order to accept it, you have to follow this same template: choose 7 bloggers, and spill 7 unknown things about yourself.  You’re welcome.


7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. You have great about me’s! I especially like the firefighting! That is so awesome and wow you have tiny feet! I think you already know how impressed I am with you writing short stories, but to have ones since the age of 12, that is fantastic! I will be one of your first fans to buy your books when they come out, you can count on it!

    1. 🙂 thanks, girly! Yeah, tiny feet; I can save $ by buying my Chucks at Journey’s for Kids. My daughter and I can share shoes. For now. …I think she’ll have human-sized feet.

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