Luck is a Lady

Wow! Okay…where to begin…

1) Thank you to everyone who clicked (and continues to click) on the Red Cross Widget over there on the right. Thanks to your help, I won Ginger’s contest! Yay! I won cookies from Ginger!! Woot! Woot!

2) Ginger also gave the Versatile Blogger award. 🙂 Amazeballs! (that’s from Dacia, by the way)

3) I also won a photograph from Dacia’s blog! That one was chosen totally randomly, so you can’t take credit for that one. …but neither can I!

This is Positano, Italy. I will go there someday and speak Italian and drink Italian wine and buy Italian leather shoes and handbags. …and then I’ll probably have to get an Italian job to pay for all that…



One thought on “Luck is a Lady

  1. LOL! Amazeballs! Glad you like it.

    I love that photograph- isn’t it amazing. I just want to be there right now. One day, one day I will go there.

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