Bathtime Blogging

I didn’t post a blog yesterday; it was the first day I’ve missed since starting postaday2011 and I don’t even really have a good reason. 😛

Did you miss me? Call the authorities? Drink poison like Romeo and Juliet?

Oh, good. ’cause for a minute I thought you were nuts.

Last night, we went to a get-together at my husband’s boss’ house. It was very laid back and easy with plenty of chatting, laughing, kids, food, and drink.

Catch that? “…food and drink.”

There was this cake. It was an evil cake. It was chocolate cake made with Guinness and was topped with a Bailey’s icing. ‘Twas such an evil cake, I decided to rid the world of one piece of it.

It was glorious!

Happily, I feel no guilt about eating it. I had 17 points when we got to the party. I ate fruit (by the plateful) and salad (by the pound), and half of a chimichanga. I wasn’t hungry when I ate the cake, I just wanted it. That, my friends, is something different. Before WW, I’d have started at the dessert table and if there was room left in my belly, I’d have filled it with cheese manicotti. But I was full of good food and I ate the cake to enjoy it. Which I did…immensely.

I didn’t know the recipe for the cake, but it was small and the icing was thin. I looked up “chocolate cake” in the WW finder and it came up with a range of 3 pts to 38 (Cheesecake Factory). There was an entry “Amy’s desserts chocolate cake” for 5 pts. Since the slice was small and the name fit, that’s what I clicked. I got home with 6 pts and had some chicken and veggies. I survived, sans scarring, my first party while on WW.

And now I’m in the tub while Hubby makes breakfast. I love the weekends.


2 thoughts on “Bathtime Blogging

  1. So, is the monkey off your back now, or are you kicking yourself in the “back-end”? 😉
    Glad you had a good time last night. We miss our pool, and our friends, and our friends around our pool. 😦

    1. Um… If by monkey, you mean dessert, then I guess so. 🙂 at least for now.

      I miss your pool and you and your pool friends, too. I send you hugs!!!

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