Kids’ Conversations

The sunlight was shining in rays through puffy white clouds this afternoon. We followed the gentle, curving road around the air field; massive planes lounged in the sun and there were no birds about. The straight, yellow/gold lines of sunshine focused on pine trees on the horizon. From the back seat came this:

A: “See that light? It’s like from Heaven. Like angels are saying hello.”

W: “Not all angels are from Heaven. Some are bad.”

A: “That’s not true. Angels are good. They work for God.”

W: “Not the ones in my class. They work for somebody else.”

A: “How do YOU know?”

::pause:: W: “I can tell. If you had to go to recess with them, you’d know, too.”


Bedtime. Lights are off, kids are tucked in. A is on the top bunk, W, the bottom.

A: “What do you want to dream about?”

W: “I like it when I dream about Maggie or the park.”

A: “I like it when I dream about God. He’s nice.”


During a bright, hot afternoon, the sprinkler was in full swing. The backyard was squishy and waterlogged.

A: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a famous swimmer.”

W: “There’s no famous girl swimmers. People only know that one tall man.”

A: “They’ll know me.”

Dinner time.

W: “Hey, [A], will you hand me the ranch?”

A: “Sure. You want it for your chicken?”

W: “That. And everything else.”



2 thoughts on “Kids’ Conversations

  1. Well, gotta hand it to W. There was that ONE angel that went to hell . . .
    But doesn’t it just make you smile with pride when you hear such sweet things come from their mouths? Or perhaps it’s “beam” with pride . . . just don’t let any zombies see the “beam.” Emkay? 😉

    PS – WHAT does C have on his head?!!! Such a cutie pie! I miss him. I miss ALLLL of them. And you. And the other one. Muah!

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