On Fr. Corapi

Happy Father’s Day.

But that’s not my point.

My favorite TV priest, Fr. John Corapi, has announced…I dunno. Something. It sounds like he’s leaving the priesthood, but not exactly. “no longer serving in public ministry as a priest”. I don’t know what that means.

He was accused of behaving inappropriately toward a female staff member. An investigation is underway, but Fr. -ahem- John Corapi says it’s not fair, etc. I won’t defend/condemn him, as far as that goes. He’s grown, she’s grown, people are just people. He says he’s innocent. So, then, we’re left with that announcement. And his blog. And a soon to be published book. And I’m scratching my head…

Because Fr. Corapi is special to me. His words always rang of Truth and Uncomfortable Truths and Love. He answered questions by always pointing to Jesus, which, when others pointed to themselves or an institution, was a glorious refreshment.

Fr. Corapi was a hard ass. He swore a little and he was relatable. I always pictured him on a black Harley, giving the devil the bird. I loved him.

And I’m using past tense because I just don’t know how to feel now. …which is scary, because in the past, there was no gray area about Fr. Corapi. His words swept away doubt and fear, replacing them with a clear path of action: “Love Jesus. Honor the Sacraments. Love Jesus More.”

Now…now one of the people who made me feel safe in my church is making me feel yucky. I don’t like to feel yucky and I don’t generally appreciate people who make me feel that way.

…it’s like seeing your grandparents argue. It’s just not supposed to happen.

Some people are mad at the Bishops or the church or that woman or Fr. Corapi. “How COULD they?!!” Well…I’m not mad, I just don’t like this. I would like to believe that everyone involved is being guided by the Holy Spirit and that everything will be okay.

I’d also like to believe in fairies and the effectiveness of Congress.

I suppose this is maybe how some Protestants felt about Jim Baker or any other “representative”. I’ve been there before; it was bloody hard to be a Republican sometimes under W. If only the people we elevate on pedestals would stop wobbling…

The good that will come of this is that it’s reminded me to not put my faith in a creation (people), but instead in the Creator (God). I loved Fr. Corapi because he always pointed to Jesus. I hope he’ll still do that, in whatever it is he’s doing.

…and while he’s at it, I hope he’ll clarify what his intentions are and I hope his intentions are to quit making me feel yucky.


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