My tomatoes (-tos? toes? yes. Toes.) are lovely!  I realize that growing tomatoes isn’t exactly news-worthy, but if you know me, you know that I kill plants.  I am a serial killer of all things green.  …so when I not only don’t kill something, but take care of it enough that it feels safe in trying to replicate itself by producing seeds/fruit…well…that would be like …like…

…like me NOT killing a plant!

Perhaps this post should be titled: “In Which I Brag About Something Stupid.”

But its so NOT stupid!  Because I didn’t kill a plant!  and now I get to eat it!

-wait. …uh…

Well, anyway, here is photographic evidence that my serial plant-killing days are currently on pause.

We’re having bruschetta tonight! (pause for Pee-Wee Herman dancing…)

5 thoughts on “and Now for Something Completely Different

  1. I’m super jealous of your tomatoes! I’ve never grown anything edible because of the squrill mafia that lives in my back yard. Swoon!

    1. We had squirrels at Ft. Benning. They would eat through brake and fuel lines, caused thousands of dollars of damage…Squirrel Mafias are evil.

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