“The Hip Girl’s” Give-Away

Mmmmkay. Here’s the deal-io: I’m in love with “The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking” and I’m going to give away a copy to one lucky reader.

The thing about this book is (drum roll please) It Makes a Colossal Amount of Sense. Its full of stuff that makes you say, out loud to the dog, “Well, duh! Why didn’t I think of that?!” There’s nothing earth-shattering in the book, but its all Good and Calming and Earth-Friendly. And she curses, which I always appreciate in a book. “Hip Girl’s” is Martha Stewart for The Rest of Us. I love it. You’ll love it.

So far, my favorite forehead slapper is:
On a clean cotton ball, put a few drops of vanilla extract. Put that cotton ball in your vacuum cleaner bag or canister and while you’re sucking up dirt, the vanilla will make the air smell divine.

Well: duh! Of COURSE that’s a great idea! I wish I’d thought of that…and everything else in this book…

Kate Payne, the author I wish I could adopt and move in with, talks about composting, cleaning, indoor and outdoor spaces, and all manner of things that make a Home. Bonus: its all cheap, green, and totally doable. (that’s do-able, k?) She’s fabulous. I love her. …in a non-creepy, author-ish sort of way…

Here’s how to win:
Leave a comment describing one area of your homemaking that you’d like to change. It could be organizing your junk drawer or thinning out toys or making dinner more relaxing or whatever.

I’ll assign each comment a number in the order it was posted, then I’ll use randomrandom.org to generate a random winner. The winner will receive a new copy of “Hip Girls” and a $10 donation in your name to The American Red Cross.

Catch: you have to be okay with me having your mailing address.

Good Luck!


Winner will be chosen on July 1. If you already have the book, you can still enter! If that’s the case, then you’ll receive a $35 donation to the Red Cross. πŸ™‚


56 thoughts on ““The Hip Girl’s” Give-Away

  1. Um. I LOVE that vanilla-in-the-vacuum idea. Effing brilliant! I have to put cooking more interesting dinners on the top of my list of things to improve. The husband is always cooking amazing things on the weekend, but weekdays usually fall to me, and I’m just so darn bored and uninspired and busy. But I want to be better! If only I could put a cotton ball covered in italian spices in the oven and it would magically turn into chicken cacciatore… πŸ˜‰

    1. Why don’t you work on that whole cotton ball -to-dinner thing. That sounds positively efficient! (and probably fiber-rich!) How very …Jane Jetson!… You crack me up. πŸ™‚


  2. I would like to make more meals at home and be able to take them for lunch at work. I know people who have those divider trays and they put their sides and main course in them from dinners they have cooked before and freeze them. I don’t have that kind of ambition, however, I would like to be able to bring yummy things for lunch besides a boring sandwich and hummus with carrots or pretzel crisps.

  3. I “liked” her on facebook, such awesome ideas…all the time!

    I think one thing I’d like to change about my “homemaking” is finding more resourceful ways of cleaning. In general. Living in a foreign country makes you have to think outside the box when you can’t always communicate what it is you’re looking for. So any extra helpful ideas would be amazing. I’ve already learned a ton, which will absolutely translate for when I get back to the States in just over a month.

    I hope YOU are enjoying the book as well!

    1. Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚ yes, I’m really enjoying all the tid-bits of info, especially the cleaning/organizing ones. …its all very inspiring and motivating.


  4. I’d like to figure out how to tackle the laundry! Funny fact: Kate Payne is also the name of my daughters BFF! Funny stuff, oh and you are funny too, especially with saying you like curse words in books.
    Ps cookies shipping Thursday πŸ™‚ I made them last week but have to remake them cause I am picky and couldn’t find a container I loved! Whoo hoo, can’t wait til you see them πŸ™‚

  5. The bane of my existence – LAUNDRY. I wash, I fold it….somehow all of it never makes it where it is supposed to go. It will sit in nicely folded piles in the laundry basket. I take, as I need. I know, shameful. Oh and it would be super nice to be more organized. Nobody ever told me that with a family came the most random clutter and crap. (am I the only one that feels like it multiplies while I am sleeping?)
    That book sounds wonderful!

    1. My laundry grows long ears and whiskers at night…then it breeds like rabbits. I.hate.laundry. I make my own soap so that I get the pleasure of feeling as though I’m personally poisoning each and every load. Laundry is the devil.

      Hugs, girl! Thanks for commenting!

  6. I just need more motivation to clean and stay organized in general! LOL But her book sounds lovely and also like a great way to incorporate easy “green” methods to daily tidying, cleaning, cooking etc. I’m going to have to find her on facebook now! πŸ™‚

    1. I really need some one to come with a shovel and trash bags and gut my closets. I fear they may explode!

      Good Luck! and thanks for commenting!

  7. My goals this summer are to:
    1. figure out how to have dinner on the table at 5:30.
    2. Finish unpacking my china;
    3. Finish moving claim;
    4. File taxes from 2009 (not a misprint);
    5. Wax and detail 3 vehicles;
    6. Make a photo watermark;
    7. Garden.
    I couldn’t manage that when E was in school. No clue as to how I’m going to do it with him home now! Swim practice, dive practice, a park a week, letter practice …. OH MY! The book sounds uber cool! I must admit I’ll likely buy it if I don’t win. πŸ˜‰

  8. Just one aspect? I wish I had a better method to cope with my husband not doing his fair share of the cleaning other than what amounts to biological warfare when we play “I’m not cleaning that damn toilet” chicken.

    I also wish I knew more methods to limit the amount of dust that flies around this place. Every time I go to someone else’s house and everything is all nice and shiny and not dusty, I immediately get defensive and think Very Mean Thoughts, like they are flaunting it. That’s totally normal, right?

  9. Hmmmm . . . if I leave one reply a day, does that mean I get entered for an additional chance to win? I’m thinking that $10 donation to the ARC might come in handy one day when I beat my husband or son over the head with the toilet brush for making me loose that game of “chicken.” ;-0

  10. Did I miss the deadline on this??? I hope not. I am pretty crappy when it comes to homemaking (aside from cooking, I got that covered) so this book would totally help improve so many things. One biggie is moving onto post next month and would love to be better organized- that would be my number one goal.

    1. Nope, you didn’t miss it. πŸ™‚ I’m going to keep the entries open until midnight, June 30, then on July 1, I’ll head over to random.org. Good luck!

    1. There are a lot of great tips in this book…if you don’t win it, you should totally go buy a copy. πŸ™‚ Plus, its chemical-free and cheap stuff, too!

  11. Since I’m getting ready to “make my home” on the first time all alone, I really need help me-ifying it! I need to decorate more, and to organize my closet for most efficient mornings!

  12. Basic long term meal planning. I like to cook because I’m inspired to do so, but really, I should plan more.

  13. My closet is my nightmare. Every couple of years, I purge and reorganize, but it always falls back into chaos and avalanches. I wonder whether the Hip Girl’s Guide has advice for me.

  14. I would like to find the time to organize my closet. The current shelving system was obvioulsy installed my a guy and I simply can’t reach the shelves so eveyrthing gets lobbed up there. I know how I want to do it, it is just finding the time.

    1. My closet has a tendency to look like some sort of ordinance discharged. I’m terrible (but trying to improve) about tossing things on the floor. …and then I gripe b/c I can’t find anything. πŸ˜›

      Cheers! Good luck!

  15. err.. i’d like some help organizing my entire life. and in containing the tumbleweeds of animal hair that seem to form, even with super regular vacuuming. that would be good.

  16. i’m itching to get my hands on this book!

    if there’s one thing i need desperate help with it’s my office. my desk in particular. confession: i’m pretty sure i haven’t seen the surface of it in 2 years.

    1. Yep! She discusses laundry, cleaning, and Mess Prevention. …all on the cheap and with safe household stuff. πŸ™‚

      I’ve been making my own laundry soap for months now. Supercheap, effective, and greener than a lot of “green” soaps. Fun stuff!

  17. We’re moving to a smaller apartment and I’m dreading sharing a bathroom with my boyfriend again. I would love to know how to keep our new glass-door shower streak-free without using something horrible, like Windex.

  18. I need to be more consistant about keeping the laundry put away instead of hoping a chore monkey or laundry gnome will do it for me. It’s my least favorite household chore.

  19. Oh, gosh — for me it’s got to be ALL about reducing the clutter. Both DH and I work, and we need to get better at not just “piling things up” to be dealt with later. Would be great to have a system by which the clutter sort of took care of itself πŸ™‚

  20. I just met Kate yesterday at a Food Swap and she was absolutely lovely! She was all out of books:( I need help in the kids stuff (ie clothes, toys, books) arena. We have 3 under 4 yrs old, so it is a struggle and often I just want to throw it all away. So some good organizing and storage tips would be great!

  21. You must know how I live, in a pigsty with small kids who don’t like to clean up. I really need to weed out toys and clean the junk drawer, and work on fridge organization. I can’t tell you how much I NEED this book!

  22. I need help with, well, everything! I would love to learn how to cook more, and learn how to can! I would also love some organizational tips to help keep everything in order so i could clean easier/faster!

  23. Dog. Hair. I could vacuum twice a day and the dusty dirt and hair that comes in and out with 2 large dogs would still not be managed. Add to that my very long hair that sheds across the house and its amazing the vacuum still functions! I have simply made mental peace with myself and the hair, deciding to only make sure it is sucked up if family or friends are coming to visit. I was also feeling bad for the vacuum, so as a good Chief Awesome Officer of Domestic Affairs of the D Household, I decided to give it a more reasonable work load with the adjusted priorities.

  24. My home is a disaster and I REALLY would love to be able to know how to organize it so it’s not just chaos. I just don’t know where to begin and I get so overwhelmed when I set foot in places that have tons of organizational stuff. I need guidance and help at a really affordable cost. I really think Kate Payne’s book could be my miracle savior.

  25. I have several areas that I need to work on, but today, the need to meal plan is at the top of the list. I detest it. Why? Because it requires making a list, then another list, then MORE shopping…ugh! I cringe thinking about it. I’ve thought about teaching my older two to meal plan for me and calling it ‘home economics.’ That counts as school, right? Anyway, I feel terribly guilty when I spend $300.00 at Costco and then find myself ordering pizza by the end of the week simply because I failed to meal plan. I know how to do it, just lack the motivation. Care to give me a good kick in the pants?

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