Brave Little Fish


My little (okay…she’s 9 and as tall as a 12 year old) girl is at swim camp this week. I’m so proud of her, I could pop. She’s diving! Kicking! Swimming!

…seriously, she’s slicing through the water with more grace and speed than I knew she had. When did my knees-and-elbows daughter turn into Eat-Your-Heart-Out-Michael-Phelps?

More importantly, how will I afford the grocery bill this week? Since she’s been home this afternoon, she’s had a banana, a turkey sandwich, a peanut butter sandwich, cookies, and three glasses of milk. The only reason she stopped shoveling food is because we have another place to be in an hour.

***sigh***I love my girl. She makes me crazy, crazy proud, and grateful to be her mom.

…plus, as she reminded me today, I need to get our passports ready for her trip to the Olympics. At least The Olympic Committee feeds the athletes for a week or two.


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