The 4th is Strong with This One

Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! Happy Free to Disagree and Argue About Dumb and Important Stuff Day!


Yep! Today we celebrate that we don’t have to like each other. We don’t have to sit together at the movies or dinner or church. We can get our clothes at different stores and march with different flags and hold hands with different people.

I don’t like turnips. There’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

…also, I liked Ronnie and wanted Oliver North to run for POTUS. I like the body-style of GM vehicles more than Ford. I think not recycling is just dumb. I love my queer-as-folk little brother and I even bought him eyeliner once. I don’t care if you smoke pot as long as you have a tax-paying job to pay for it.

So, happy day to disagree! Live it up! Expand your vocabulary! Have an argument! Today is Independence Day and a lot of people have fought and died so that we don’t have to be Borg. Bonus points!) Be yourself, mate! Show us you deserve the blood that was battle-field shed. Today is the day to think for yourself…

…and then watch grown men blow stuff up in the back yard. 🙂



5 thoughts on “The 4th is Strong with This One

  1. [insert clever, pithy reply here] I adore your posts and wish I had the sense of mind this morn’ to leave you something wonderful in return! Thanks for releasing your mind for us to share in your wonderfulness!

  2. I read this on Monday while Paul and I were driving to yoga. It made me laugh and he asked what was so funny so I read your post to him. He laughed too. Thanks for being witty and insightful and happy belated independence day!

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