Goodbyn: made in USA

I just found another great USA company (thanks to my friend Minda’s FB wall) called Goodbyn.  Check them out!

Goodbyn is a lunch box, but not the typical lunch box, which is why, Cananball, my darling, you’ll have to wait for your prize a little longer because I’m ordering one of these for you!  I think this will help you on your way of not packing ‘boring’ lunches.  😉

…okay, that’s all.  Just thought you should hear about this company.  Its American owned, American made, and recyclable.  Are you in love yet?…


…aaaaaaaand here’s a random photo because every post is a little nicer with pictures.






5 thoughts on “Goodbyn: made in USA

  1. Oh I just love these. I think I will have to buy one. They would be perfect for me and eliminate the need to use multiple tiny tupperwares and ziploc bags every day. Thank you for sharing this!

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