Survey Says!

Please respond to the following:

1) do you use a heart rate monitor? If so, what brand?

2) Do you use a wrist GPS when you run? If so, what brand?

3) please explain the appeal of Jersey Shore. I don’t get it.

4) what phone apps, if any, do you employ for distance, pace, etc when you run?

5) Am I the only one who falls down trying to do Warrior 3?

6) do you use social networking to keep track of/brag about your workouts? If so, which social networking tools/sites do you use?

7) Were you as disappointed in “Red Riding Hood” as I was?

8) Honestly: do you get Lady GaGa?

9) What shoes do you run in? Are they the same shoes you cross train with?

10) Please tell me that you’ve seen “Hyperdrive” on Netflix. Oh. Em. Gee. Bullocks to you, if you haven’t!

Thanks for your responses. These will be tabulated in order to assist the cessation of my obsessive freaking/stressing/pestering about a GPS that may or may not actually tell time.

Also, today I will be giving away 3 pairs of pants that are too big! Yay!

Also, also: CananBall, I will be hand delivering your prizes to you during the first few days of August. I’ll let you buy me a raspberry wheat from Brew Co. 😉 love ya!



4 thoughts on “Survey Says!

  1. 1.No, 2. I use my phone, 3. Never watched it, 4. Cardio Trainer app for my Droid, 5.Don’t know what that is. 6. With Cardio Trainer it always asks if I want to share my workout on Facebook. I always say “no” cause I figure no one cares LOL 7. Didn’t see it but I do think GaGa has a few catchy little diddys. 9. New Balance (I don’t cross train). 10. Well, Bullocks on me I guess 🙂

  2. 1) No; 2) they make those things?; 3) Some people just like idiots; 4) uh, ummm; 5) probably not, as long as you curse it’s okay though, just keep it quiet and don’t forget to breathe; 6) nope, although I tell everyone that ove managed to do some random house work chores on wp, does that count? 7) I obviously live under a rock; 8) love the cool guy! Lady gaga is just shock and awe, good to workout to though; 9) new balance, and when I was doing stuff I wore for both, naughty girl I am. Now I wear them to lay on the table at pt, at least I look like I can exersize :); 10) see #7

    This was fun, love you and the fact that you get your prizes out in a timely manner. I suck, I’m gonna throw a party when I get your goods in the mail.

    Love ya, have a great day 🙂

  3. 1) I don’t, but I’d like to get one… I’ve heard Polar is a good brand. 2) I use runkeeper on my phone. 3) I don’t get it either… I find it so annoying! lol 4) I like runkeeper and dailymiler. 5) not a chance lol I fall out of this one too 🙂 6) I use facebook to post my workouts, not so much keep track of them though. sometimes having the encouraging comments about a workout help me keep going 🙂 7) OMG yes! So weird and so disappointing… 8) Not even a little bit.
    9) I have used Saucony (and loved them) and now am using Asics and love them as well. I use one pair for all.
    10) I have not, but I will be looking it up tonight! 🙂

  4. 1) N/A
    2) N/A
    3) I actually fear that if I begin to understand it, I’ll start to identify with it. It’s also my fear about psychopaths, so read into that what you will
    4) N/A
    5) I hate people that can do this without an issue. That makes me a bad person, but they are asking for it.
    6) My pals are giant jerks who know I amthisclose to a giant ego at any given time, so if I dared brag about a workout, they’d wipe the floor with me. Also…they all post their “I just ran around the city and then spent the day teaching step-class to babies” brags. I guess what I’m saying here is that I need better friends.
    7) I haven’t seen it, but I’m going to purely because it’s coming up on a channel I already pay for.
    Up-to-no-good emoticon) While I get Gaga’s appeal, because when she first started releasing songs I was on board, I just see her as another Madonna. With a larger budget for skin glue. And while it’s interesting and can lead to music I’ll enjoy, it’s still formulaic. Oh man, I’m OLD!!
    9) I love my Asic runners. I don’t have separate shoes for cross-training, but I’m considering it. Once I consider cross-training.
    10) I am definitely going to be looking into it!

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