In Which I Take a Moment or Three

Well, Dear Reader, last night I got to see the premier of the last Harry Potter movie.  I realize that lots of people got to do this, but I’m extra happy about it because:

1) my husband, who’d been out in the field for three days/nights and had treated patients who’d been struck by lightening (all is well) and had slept in puddles and had generally cooked himself outside with his soldiers, took a two hour nap and then joyfully, with no complaint, took me and the Resident Toddler across town so that I could see this movie at midnight.

2) I won the tickets…which means they were free to me…which means they didn’t cost me any money…hence: free!

3) The theater was reserved by the local company, Twisted Jeweler (who gave away the tickets), which meant that we didn’t have to fight psychotic, horny, and over-caffeinated tweens for a seat.

4) Resident Toddler sat through the whole movie, like a champ, and only spoke in whispers.  …except when Ron, Hermione, and Harry were flying out of Gringott’s on a dragon; this elicited a, “I see dat dragon!  I see it!  It fly away up high! I see dat dragon!” and everyone in the theater laughed and that was the last non-whispered noise the kid made.  He loved the movie.  (Don’t judge me for taking a toddler to the movies [a “scary” movie, at that] at midnight.  I realize he may need therapy later in life…I don’t want to hear your Dr. Spock theories.)

5) Neville Longbottom for President!

6) I love going to the movies.  Everything about the experience is just…fun!  And I’d never been to a premier before, never been to the movies at midnight before…and never seen a movie before my best friend.  She’s seeing it today, which means I watched it almost twelve whole hours before her!  …this will never happen again, I can assure you.  Anyway, the experience was just …just… aaah!  so fun!!  Popcorn and people dressed up and a crowded parking lot and crazy lines for snacks and everyone was just as happy as me!

7) Again, make note: my husband went to the movies with me at midnight after having had no sleep, in the field, for three days.  He did not complain at all; in fact, he smiled and flirted with me, and generally made me feel like a princess.  He spent time on me…precious and rare time that he could’ve been sleeping.  I love my husband.  … he doesn’t even like Harry Potter or the theater all that much…but he went for me.  It was terribly romantic, in a “that girl over there is wearing a pink wig and is carrying a broom” sort of way.

8) Yes, I’ll be reading the whole series again, then I’ll watch all the movies again.  No, I won’t pick the movies apart, because I love movies and Hermione is just so cute and stressed out and Ron is just adorable and I really wish Mrs. Weazely could be my mom and I think Snape was my high school chemistry teacher and I wish I had an owl and a Dobby and a wand and is it me, or is Daniel Radcliffe sort of cute now? and I cried when Dumbledore died and Hagrid is just the coolest creature EVER and have you noticed how much Jenny Weazely looks like Lily Potter?



One thought on “In Which I Take a Moment or Three

  1. Sounds such a good evening… I love the books but don’t rate any of the films i’ve seen… Unfortunately I just find that they are too fast paced…

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