Say it with me: Capitalism

(steps up to soap box)

The United States of America is not a democracy; it is a republic.

Netflix is not owned by the government of the United States of America; it has share-holders and customers.

Because America is not a democracy, it doesn’t matter how many of you get pissed off at Netflix for raising it’s prices.  If you don’t want to pay the increase in fees, don’t.  Your service will be disconnected and you will get your entertainment elsewhere.  Meanwhile, Netflix will either keep enough customers to continue earning revenue, or it won’t.

Happily, the choice is Netflix’.  You see, they are a company; a tax-paying, service-providing company.

If you own a company, I hope that no amount of pouting, whining, griping or ignorance will ever sway the decisions you make about the costs of your service and/or products, and therefore, your earnings.  I hope, fervently, that money and ethics will be the deciding factors.  Because, guess what?! This is capitalism at work.  When capitalism is replaced by democracy, we’re left with some bastardization of socialism/communism/Joy Behar/entitlement kerfluffle.

Its your money, so either give it to Netflix or don’t, but shut up about it.  Let your money talk for you.  It has a much more effective vocabulary than your mouth.

(steps down from soap box and goes shopping…but not to Wal-Mart.)


One thought on “Say it with me: Capitalism

  1. I think that a lot of the people complaining don’t realize to what extent the price increase reflects the increased licensing fees that result the government’s copyright racket.

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