…in which I ramble about books

The “postaday2011” prompt for today is what are the 5 most important books you’ve read.  Huh.  Well, since I’ve not processed the photos I’ve taken lately and I’ve been living on sushi, I don’t have a recipe to post, either. Here are some books to blather about.

in no particular order

1) Charlotte’s Web.  Its important because its the first chapter book I ever read.  I read this in first grade and I remember getting into an “argument” with my 2nd grade teacher because she didn’t believe I’d already read it.  …also, this is why I have an aversion to squishing spiders.  I’m afraid they’ll start talking to me. “Salutations!”

2) The Bible. Obviously.  …but not just for the “you’re supposed to read the Bible because the Bible tells you to” stuff.  Have you ever read it for fun?  For the historical nuggets of gold?  Also, there are some fairly sketchy characters throughout, if you’re of the “Reservoir Dogs” group.  Seriously.  I mean, that Jezebel chick?  She was thrown over a wall and torn apart by dogs.  Plus, you know, later in the book, you get to know Jesus and save your soul.  Bonus!

3) The Art of Racing in the Rain.  This book made a Dog Person out of me.  This book is why Maggie is living with us.  This book? You need to read it.  It will make you a better person.

4) The Shell Seekers.  I read this once a year, at least, and every time I cry and fall in love with the characters.  I don’t know exactly why this book is so special to me, but it is.

5) The Les Halles Cookbook.  This book made me care about cooking, food, where my food comes from, and enjoying the process of cooking.  Also, I learned new swear words.

I found these silicone trays on sale. Notice the stock? All that liquid reduced to about 3 cups.

(this photo is from a previous post, can you tell?)

So there ya go. Books. Book stuff.  These aren’t the only books I like to read, of course.  I like to read historical fiction (The Killer Angels, Winds of War, Gone with the Wind), biographies (Ike, George WashingtonThe Reagan Diaries, and Chesty Puller), military/world history (Guests of the IatolaHow the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization) and occasionally the wacked out vampire/werewolf/monster-under-the-bed book (enter old-school Stephen King here).

Also, if you haven’t read World War Z, you’re doing yourself a tragic disservice.

Trashy romance novels?…no thanks.

What are some books that are important to you?

2 thoughts on “…in which I ramble about books

  1. You need to read the Johannes Cabal books by Jonathan L. Howard (read them in order)! They are bloody brilliant!

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