“Oh, Lord…please don’t let me screw up.”

Today I’m helping to set-up my first company level event as FRG leader. There’s going to be a bouncy house, water balloons, games, a dunk tank, a sound system, and catered BBQ.  The company commander, the BC, and the PA have all agreed to be in the dunk tank for fund raising purposes.  (I sort of have an “in” with the PA…)  A pick-up truck full of ice and drinks will be stationed close by.  I got crazy-straws and beach balls for the kids. Woo. 😛

Anyway, if you see an FRG leader burned in effigy on the news, it’s probably me.

Wish me luck.

During our last FRG event (for All American Week), I gave a soldier my other camera and he climbed up an Army truck to get a good shot of the parade field for me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The (Alan) Shepard’s Prayer

  1. That sounds amazing!!! I know it will be the best company event ever! I know it will all turn out fabulously today. I hope you get to enjoy some of it!

  2. You have water balloons and a dunk tank. Those two things alone (as long as you have liquids to hydrate folks – which you do) ENSURE a good time. You’re an Army wife. You can do darn near anything! – and you’ve already proved it time and time again.

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