In Which I Explain Why I am Armed

I’m actually a really peaceful person.

I’ve followed all the rules for obtaining my weapons, permits and whatnot, and hope to never use any of them. I don’t bandy them about, show them off. Anyway, I’m a law-abiding citizen who is kind to strangers, smiles at babies, and addresses the aged by “sir” and “ma’am”.

Also, I’m a mom of three who is willing to fight, in ugly and unladylike fashion, to protect those children.

I don’t judge or click my tongue at anyone who does not carry weapons. It’s a very personal decision, much like choice of church or under wear; don’t make me give up my boy-shorts and I won’t make you carry a knife. Deal?

My small arsenal is in the same mental/utilitarian tool box as my fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and signal flares. I can change a tire, syphon gas, and do CPR. I don’t “play” with that stuff. I know how to use them, though, because they can save lives.

The thing is…well…I want to know that if Something Terrible starts to happen, that I have options. If I can call for help, I will. If there is law enforcement around, I will gladly let them do their job (God bless them!). If the situation does not allow for that, however, I want to know that I can:

A) shoot the tires out if someone is kidnapping my kids in a vehicle

B) Break a window (or cranium) in order to pull my children to safety

C) Cut rope, wire, plastic, or tape in order to effect an escape/evasion

D) Give perpetrators enough pause/fear to allow time for law enforcement to arrive

E) Defend my position if attacked by multiple assailants.

F) If stranded, hunt/obtain food and water for us. (foraging is easier with a sharp knife).

…it all sounds very dramatic.

My point is, I train and practice and educate myself in the use of my tools so that I can effectively use my brain (or muscle memory) in bad situations. Thankfully, thus far, I don’t really know if my training is effective. I hope I never have to find out.

(Evil and sick people who perpetrate violence and death with their weapons are just that: evil and sick. If they didn’t have guns or knives, they’d find a way to shank you with a Hello Kitty pencil. Responsible and safe people who own weapons are often the same ones who move turtles out of the road and donate their time to local kitchens. …anyway, weapons are tools, like hammer and nails. You can either build a house or a coffin, depending on intent.)

I don’t ever want the doubt or guilt that would come with “I should have done something”…I carry and I practice so that I can confidently say “I can do something if I have to”.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Explain Why I am Armed

  1. And she wants to be able to at least stun a zombie if ever needed. And just in case anyone is wondering . . . Yert’s a DAMN good shot. She’s a natural, AND practices.

    . . . . hmmmm, I feel some range time coming on. Wonder if they’re open on Sunday . . . 😉

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