Irene, Schmirene


…Her Ladyship is largely unconcerned with the inbound hurricane. She is well-stocked in biscuits and kibble, as well as pig-snacks.

…now all she needs is someone to impersonate Clyde from “Every Which Way buy Lose”. All set, then?

Right. Let’s do this thing.


3 thoughts on “Irene, Schmirene

    1. Thanks, friend! We’re very safe! I checked The Weather Channel and it said that we’re supposed to get thunderstorms tonight, rain tomorrow, and sunshine on Sunday. The highest the wind is supposed to get is 24mph. Granted, Weather Witching is not a science, but we’re far enough inland that the worst may be a power outage.

      Thank you for your concern! Seriously, that means a lot. If you and me and Dacia and Holly were closer, we could all have one big group hug! …and then a drink and a raucously good time that would probably end up on the evening news… 😉 xxoxoox

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