Irene’s Irish-ish Coffee

Hurricane Irene brushed by us today and to say, “Get lost, Bee-otch!” the Husband got creative with the whiskey.

(side note: one shouldn’t drink warm whiskey and blog. **hiccup** One might say something like “bee-otch”.)

1c fresh, hot coffee
45mL Jameson
45mL Chocovino (we didn’t have Bailey’s. Hence the “ish” in the title)
1Tbsp sugar
Whipped cream (home made, of course.)
Some freshly grated nutmeg

…is it warm in here?

Mix it all up, ‘cept the whipped cream and nutmeg. Der! They go on top.
Drink it.
Don’t drive.

…matter of fact, don’t even try to get up. I’m just sayin’.

So buh-bye, Irene, you foul-tempered succubus! Get thee to a nunnery! …or Iceland, you pick.



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