The Tech Stops Here

Alright, you techno-smarty-pants folks out there.  Help a sister out.

I have a Mac (the big desk top), usually use Safari but also run Mozilla.  I’ve been trying to access the volunteer portal through Army OneSource.


Safari “quits unexpectedly”.  Mozilla won’t load the on-line learning portals.

Suggestions?  I’ve done the requisite software updates.  (…and don’t start lecturing me about Mac vs PC.  that won’t help me right now.)

Thank you in advance!

random photo of flowers to show my gratitude.

4 thoughts on “The Tech Stops Here

  1. What exactly are you trying to do? I just got on there and signed on to the website, but I don’t know exactly where you’re going… best to email me… 🙂

  2. Are you able to visit other sites, etc. Clean out the cache. You should use Safari exclusively. looks like the portal is clean, no problems there. And it sounds like it has something to do with security issues. Close out all active programs, turn your computer off, and restart it in 20 minutes or so, then just use Safari to try and enter the portal again. see if that helps. usually Macs/Apple computers do not get infected very easily. good luck, Karen

  3. I had an issue trying to use Chrome a few days ago to access a completely different military site. Called the “user support” number and was told I needed to use Internet Explorer to get past all the security certificates and such. However, I’m on a PC (wishing more and more every day I was on a MAC).

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