A New Old Track to Love

I discovered another track today. There are only 4 lanes, chipped and asphalted. Instead of an American football field in the center, it was marked off for soccer (football). There aren’t any bleachers to speak of, just wild flowers and stadium lights.







The wind whips around the flat-bottomed bowl just hard enough to make a person work at the straightaways.
The “top” of the track, where the curves usually are, is straight, creating a gentle rectangle instead of the usual oval.

The clouds and birds and breeze all reminded me of the incoming storm, so I only did a few 200’s. For a minute or two, I was Kara Goucher, or Joan Samuelson, or LoLo Jones.

That’s the cool thing about a track: it takes you as you are and lets you be who you want and all you have to do is show up. Offer a sacrifice of sweat, leave your gifts of effort on the lanes, and be willing to accept the flaws of the track (and your own)…the track will make you as fast as you want to be.


I love it. 🙂


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