Nashville and a Half

Someone needs to come up with a better name. “half marathon”. …it’s not half as hard, or half the work…they should call it “just far enough to suck.” Or something.

Anyway, Toy and I had a great time today, and I really couldn’t be any more proud of her! We stayed at her pace, we ate her snacks (oranges! Yum!), and we finished together. She never quit, even when both her calves seized up and she wanted to puke. I consider it one of the great honors of my life to run her first big race with her…it’s kind of like someone asking you to be in the room when they give birth. Well, to me, anyway, but I’m the one that compares the track to church, so I may or may not be exaggerating.

Anyway, Toy’s husband kept all 5 kids today by himself. There has to be a medal for that, but all he got was nachos. He brought the kids to the course at mile 11 and the finish line. Made. My. Day! The kids ran through the finish with us. Awesome!!

We collected our medals from some sailors (!) and took some pictures. We were both crusty from salt and I was very, very glad for an automatic transmission. (Also: the elevation chart for this course lies. It was a hilly bugger!) so now we’re in our hotel rooms, showered, fed, and relaxing. Life is good; the kids are playing.

Today will go down as one of my all-time favorite weekends of my life: the weekend my best friend and I travelled 680 miles by car to run 13.1 miles together.









4 thoughts on “Nashville and a Half

  1. Awesome ladies!!

    I haven’t had computer access in weeks. I have caught up. I laughed, I cried. I balled over that picture of the dog at the funeral. I love your blog. I love your dog. I love you. (and your kids and hubby of course but you get me).

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