Quote(s) of the Race

Things heard during the Half on Saturday:

Mile 1-2: “That guy has a cute skirt.”

Mile 3-5: “It would be helpful to know where we are. Where are we?”

Mile 6: “We’re at mile 6.”

Mile 7: “Uh-oh.” (at the site of an ambulance)

Mile 9: “I’m gonna trip that girl if I see her again.”

Mile 12: “What the hell is THAT?” (turns out, it was a bridge)

Finish Line: “Good job, Mommy! I’m proud of you. Can we eat now?”

Quote of the Day:

“I’m all hopped up on Gu and sport beans! I’m good! You gotta try this!” -chipper woman around mile 8ish.

…and as we enjoyed post-race nachos, Toy and I talked about how I want to do the Badwater 100 and the Bataan Memorial Death March and how her Jim will end up doing the Leadville 100 and we’ll crew for each other and we’re gonna do the Disney World marathon in 2013 and wouldn’t it be FUN to do the Vegas marathon?!! and Toy is signed up for a trail run later this month.

The tea was cold and sweet, the sun was bright and warm, and we were just 2 girls, best friends who finished a race together and made plans to do more. 🙂 What a day it was…

Love ya, Toy! I just can’t stop smiling. 😀


“…and don’t call me Shirley.”


3 thoughts on “Quote(s) of the Race

  1. I just love it when I read your posts and they make me smile too. 🙂 Not only are you a helluva runner, but you’re a helluva writer too that can make folks do such. I’m still smiling for ya (both of you!) too . . .

    BTW, either of you run this one in Five-Fingers?

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