Ch-ch-ch- Chia

Remember those ChiaPet commercials? You call the 800 number on your screen now! and they’d send you this kit to grow “hair” on everything from clay Alf’s to Bob Marley’s. Except they all came out looking suspiciously like Bob Ross

Anyway, that stuff that was schmearred around was chia seed. Chia seed, it turns out, is actually pretty good for you to eat, as well as helping flower pots to grow a happy little beard. There’s all sorts of good carbohydrates and whatnot in chia seeds. My friend Toy used these during our race; her hubby made her some homemade “goo” and it served her pretty well during our 13.1 mile trek through Nashville. I first read about actually ingesting chia seeds when I read “Born to Run“.  (if you haven’t read this and are even mildly interested in barefoot fitness, I highly recommend it. It’s a great read.)  The book focuses on a remote group of people known for their ability to run for days.  Yes. Days. And all they eat is corn and drink chia seeds.

Dude. Running for days. On corn and chia seeds. I was impressed, anyway.

I bought mine here and was very happy with the cost/service, etc.


Another thing you need to be warned about know about chia seeds is that they will, um, well…help things along in the pooping department. Fiber, fiber, fiber. They’re pretty tiny, though, so if you have diverticulitis or some other intestinal issue, you should probably check with your doc. They will, quite literally, move you. Possibly to tears, if you’re not paying attention.

They don’t have a taste, that I’ve noticed. However, when they mix with liquid, they develop a very interesting sort of … snot. (yes. I’m talking about poop and snot in the same blog entry. I’m classy, and don’t you forget it.) That’s why the seeds would stick to your clay Alf; the snot is just gloopy enough to hold. When you drink it, though, it’s not overly gagworthy noticable.

The photo above is chia seed mixed with cherry flavored Kombucha tea. If you don’t think Kombucha is gross healthy.enough, the chia seeds will really make you feel all queasy healthy. I drank about half a cup of this stuff and actually felt full for a while. The kombucha is another wonderful substance that will help your intestines to function; it’s fermented and has cultures kind of like yogurt. I know an Army wife who brews her own…but she’s super-mom. (yes, Jackie, that would be you.)  🙂  I’m content to buy a little jar once a week.

Every once in a while, just for fun, I’ll add about 1/4c of chia seeds to whatever I make for dinner.  They mix especially well with stews and rice.  If you’re going to do that, however, I strongly recommend you check your household stock of toilet paper. I think they’re a wonderful little tool to have in my arsenal. Kids run and think and grow all day and I think chia seeds help them with that. I have friends who swear by their ability to ward off soreness after long workouts. If you make your own granola bars or eat oatmeal for breakfast, sprinkle a few of these little gems over the top.  I think you’ll be glad you did.


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