Occupy Schmoccupy

I grow increasingly weary of the whole “Occupy **insert large city here**” movement. At first I rolled my eyes. Then I chuckled. Then I read and really tried to understand. Now I’m bored and slightly annoyed.

I get the protestors’ point. They’re pissed at corruption and greed and they don’t have jobs. …or they’re pissed that they don’t have anything that somebody else would protest to obtain. Except there are some protestors who’re being paid to protest. Which means they do have jobs. They’re being employed by **gasp** rich people. So that makes them…whores? I’m confused.

I am all for their right to protest for as long as they want to do so; the laws of this nation allow for peaceful demonstrations and pooping on cop cars.

Wait. Let me look that last one up in my 4th grader’s social studies book…

Nope. Not in there. Turns out that pooping on cop cars and peeing in public parks and doing it on the front stoop of somebody’s porch and even littering really isn’t covered.

So, yeah. There’s that.

Then there’s the general malaise of their audience; turns out that lawmakers really don’t give a crap. And those “corporations” they vilify? They don’t care either. Because people with jobs still buy stuff. In fact, I saw some people buying stuff today. The effectiveness of their message has worn thin; now they are a circus side show without a Bearded Lady. (’cause lets face it…I’d pay money to see that.)

Dear #OWS: (no, not “ows” like “Ow, I got a paper cut writing to my congressman.” or “Ow, I hurt my knee at my JOB.”)

Yes! Protest! All the better that I don’t agree with you! (insert childish “it’s a free countreeeeee” whine here) Chant! Sing! Bang drums! Express yourselves! …just don’t do it on cop cars.

Cop: a word which here means a public servant who’d rather be home playing with his kids than scraping your fecal matter off of his squad car. Also, he probably wishes you’d’ve brushed your teeth this week before you decided to call him a “tool of fascism” two inches from his face.

…and by the power of Grayskull, take a bath, Hippie.  Some of you are really beginning to smell skeevee.


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