Lost: a Turkey

I weighed in this morning and recorded a loss of 1.2pounds for the week. Super happy about this, as The Husband made reindeer food (chex cereal, chocolate, peanut butter, a barrel of powdered sugar) and the bowl has been sitting on the counter now for a week. I did make a point to drink lots of water, eat veggies by the bucket full, and move my body more. All together, I’ve now lost (drum roll please…)

20.4 pounds!

I’m now holding my size 12’s up with a belt and fitting comfortably into my 10’s. My watch band needs a new hole punched in it and my wedding band flops around on my finger if my hand gets even slightly chilly. Just for reference: when I joined WW, I would have to leave my rings off for days at a time because they were cutting into my skin and I was a size 14-16. I take my rings off when I wash my hands now, because I don’t want them to go down the drain. Also, I bought a sports bra on a whim last winter and failed to look at the size closely enough…it’s a 34DD and it fits now. Weird! I actually went to the Lululemon website and looked at their workout closes without getting all Emo. These things, much more than the scale, tell me that my efforts are paying off. 🙂

I’m only slightly concerned about Thanksgiving dinner. Since I’m preparing our meal, I can control the butter (not much!) and heavy cream (none! using non-fat condensed milk) in the recipes. I won’t make gravy at all, and the side dishes will be roasted winter veggies and salads with fresh fruit. I scored a sweet recipe for pumpkin pie that won’t pack on the points, too. I will enjoy Thanksgiving because my family will be with me, not because of what’s on my plate.

What I am concerned about: the upcoming cooking demonstration I’m going to do for Green Gate Olive Oils on December 3rd. The menu: hot cocoa, goat cheese tartlets with balsamic reduction, bruschetta, compound herbed butter, baked brie en croute with various toppings, potato soup, and jalepeno/bacon grilled cheese bites. Youch. Somewhere a Frenchman is weeping with joy…and Jenny Craig is having a stroke. This will be the day The Lights Go Out in Georgia…or at least my points plus counter. 🙂

The average weight gain for an American female from Thanksgiving to Christmas is 8-10 pounds. My goal is to lose half of that, realistically. I figure I’ll maintain once or twice, gain once or twice, and lose a little here and there. I want to enjoy this holiday season and I think I’ll enjoy it more if I don’t ruin everything I’ve been working toward. So here’s to a few cookies, some hot cocoa, and lots and lots of good winter veggies. Cheers!


Things that weigh 20 pounds:

nice rims

kettle bell
one tom turkey (turkey tom?) ...I'll ask Jimmy John's.

One thought on “Lost: a Turkey

  1. You. Are. Awesome. For lots of reasons, but among them this. 🙂 Seriously, I’m so proud of you! And you look super foxy, for what it’s worth! 🙂

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