Christmas Goals

I’m sending this out into the Great Cosmic Void that is the Internet only because I need some sort of accountability. I know there are those Out There who relish the task of keeping others on track and pointing out shortcomings.

Useful Mammals, they are.

Goals to Meet by Christmas, 2011:

1) Don’t gain weight.
Losing may not be an option with fudge in the house, but I hope to at least maintain.

2) Post all of the Advent readings.

3) Make at least 5 gifts by hand.
This means that some of you may get macaroni art.

4) Do yoga at least 3x per week.

5) Register for a Christmastime 5k and two big races for next year.

6) Refrain from selling the children on eBay. …this could be tough…

Have you set goals for the year’s end? What are they and what’s your plan of execution?




2 thoughts on “Christmas Goals

  1. (1) I now expect macaroni art.
    (2) Email me about the 5K! I’ve been thinking of doing something like that, and would love to have a partner to hold me accountable! 🙂

    My goals for year’s end:
    (1) Finish writing a law review article that I’ve been working on for over a year.
    (2) Do yoga at least 1X / week (I’m not as ambitious as you).
    (3) Row, run, or spin every day (even if it’s just for a few minutes).
    (4) Learn how to relax (this one is sort of a pipe dream, since my mom’s been telling me to relax since I was like 5, so I think being uptight might just be a congenital defect).

  2. Goals by Christmas:
    1. Sell some stuff on Ebay (child not included);
    2. ENJOY Christmas more and get more into the spirit (as I look at the naked tree in my livingroom)
    3. Make a New Year’s Resolution (which I RARELY do) to stay off the computer more!!!

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