Army/Navy Game

I don’t know exactly why I love the Army/Navy football game so much.

For that matter, I don’t know why it’s not called the Navy/Army game…

Today was one of the best days of my life. We started out with a parade in which Boy #1 marched with his Cub Scouts through downtown. Then, we watched the first half of The Game at the sports bar on post. I got to meet two retired Senior Chief Petty Officers who were the only other souls cheering for Navy with me. Then we dropped the kids off with the World’s Most Awesome Babysitter (they love their Miss Emily and begged to go) then went to dinner at the home of my husband’s boss. I got to finish watching The Game with some of the most amazing and fun people on Earth.

So there I was, in the living room of an Army LTC, wearing my Navy shirt, watching Navy earn another victory. My friends and I were laughing, joking, enjoying just being together…I can’t describe the joy I felt. Army/Navy game day is a holy day for me…and we were together. For this night, this one shared game, we were safe. Comfortable. Happy.

Football has always been special. My dad is a Cowboys fan and I learned early on that when da boyz are playing, not much else matters. I’d watch football with my dad, not so much because I liked it, but because I wanted to share a few moments with him. Friday night football games at high school were about friends, the thunder of drum beats, and yelling so loudly I thought my ears would burst. I grew to love the bright lights and dark skies of high school football games as much for what went on around the field as on it.

Now…now my kids know that Army/Navy game day is about time with family and friends, food, and laughter. We joke and we cheer and stand for the National Anthem and I cry during the commercials. My kids know that this game, this one game means something. And it means something as much for what goes on around the field as on it.

I’m so grateful for all the smiling faces that I saw on this Army/Navy Game Day.



One thought on “Army/Navy Game

  1. Go Navy! There was a time when my daughter went to the Naval Academy that they lost year after year. My daughter is out of the NAVY now and her husband is in navy post grad school in Monterey. We are all west coasters now. Go Navy!,,,

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